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Open Enrollment 2017 will begin November 1, 2016 and will end 
January 31, 2017.If you choose to work with me this year you can avoid the crowds. 
Get started early.

Here is what you can do now:
* Get the answers to your questions about health insurance
* Submit your application details (New Appplicants ONLY)
* Update your application details (Former Applicants ONLY)
* Get price estimates
* Compare plans

(All plan comparisons will be based on the plans for 2016. When the new plans and prices are
revealed they will be based on the new 2017 plans.)

If you submitted an application last year you do not need to submit a new application this year.
We will look up your old application from last year and update your information.

Reasons you should work with me:
* I can help you resolve problems you have with the Health Insurance Marketplace
* I can help you solve problems you have with your insurance company
* I can help you year round during and after your application is submitted
* You will always speak to the same person. Avoid repeating your problems more than once
* Avoid waiting on hold with the Health Insurance Exchange.
* You had problems in the past that were unresolved.

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Getting Started

Open Enrollment 2016